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Holly Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by China Jiuyuan High-tech Equipment Co., Ltd. and Poly Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing in November 2013. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, production and sales in the field of high-tech equipment, and is responsible for the overseas market expansion and technical services of high-tech products of the China Jiuyuan High-tech Equipment Co., Ltd.
In recent years, Holly Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated profound experience in sales and after-sales service in the fields of material, energy, and high-tech equipment, etc. It has set up overseas representative offices in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and other regions, and its business scope covers all continents of the world.
Profession, Dedication, Cooperation and Mutual Win.
We promise to respond to your needs at any time, to provide you with high-quality services and products that exceed expectations.
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