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Technical Support

Our company has always followed the service policy of "Profession, Dedication, Cooperation and Mutual Win.", established a complete and first-class quality assurance and after-sales service system, and equipped an experienced operation and maintenance service team to provide professional and timely system technical support and product operation and maintenance services.
Technical Service Content
1. Technical Consulting Services
Our company provides technical consulting services. No matter what problems occur during the use of the product, technical engineers will provide technical services, determine solutions in time, and restore product functions as soon as possible.
2. Failure Analysis and Handling
On-site service and maintenance engineers complete the analysis of software and hardware failure problems through analysis, and formulate feasible solutions according to the analysis results to ensure timely processing of failures.
3. Software Version Update Service
Understand the user's improvement needs for various system functions of the product, implement the upgrade in time, provide customers with software version update services, and ensure the continuity of customers' business to the greatest extent possible.
4. Software and Hardware Environment Monitoring and Inspection Services
Regular on-site manual inspections, comprehensive inspection services for systems and terminal equipment, timely detection of problems, and guarantee the stability of each system of the product.
5. Spare Parts Guarantee
Spare parts warehouse technical service will prepare a plan for spare parts according to user requirements and maintenance work needs to ensure the maintenance work needs. The company provides guarantee services for equipment and other key components related to the user's system, and provides spare parts for key equipment components. If the system fails, if the detection is equipment failure and cannot be repaired immediately, the spare parts will be directly replaced to ensure the normal operation of the system. The company provides faster service response and technical and spare parts support services to improve work efficiency and ensure the high availability of user equipment and systems.
6. On-Site Technical Training Services
It can provide information technology training for customers, and the training location, training content and training time can be negotiated by both parties.
Service Method
Phone/Internet Service
If users encounter problems during business execution, they can call the hotline from 9:00 to 17:00 on working days for problem feedback, and the hotline service personnel will determine a reasonable solution according to the type of problem.
On-Site Technical Support
Assist users to deal with faults, configure systems and services, install, maintain, and replace new equipment on site.
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