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Microwave scattering communication system

Product name

Microwave scattering communication system

Product category
Information system and countermeasure

Application field
Military strategic communication network, communications within military theater, power management, mining, petroleum, water conservancy, infrastructure, forest fire prevention, rescue and disaster relief and other emergency communications.

The tropospheric scattering communication system is a point-to-point communication equipment, which is used for IP data interconnection between two points. Beyond-line-of sight wireless communication is realized by using forward scattering of radio waves by an inhomogeneous body in the tropospheric atmosphere. Single hop communication distance is up to hundreds of kiloemeters and there is no need to set up a repeater station.

•High transmission speed, strong transmission capability for the data, the voice, the video, and other broadband multimedia service.
•The speed can be adaptive. The transmission efficiency can be improved when the channel is of high quality, and the anti-interference ability can be improved when the channel is of low quality.
•Single antenna design with small size and light weight.
•The system is modular. According to the requirements of communication, the scattering link loss is calculated and the appropriate antenna and power amplifier are selected.

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