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Product Service

Service commitment
Relying on high-tech equipment, our company has established a complete product after-sales service system. With a rich multi-professional technical service team, standardized after-sales technical service processes and specifications, we can quickly respond to user needs and provide professional services. and promises the following:
1. Product Quality Commitment
① Consciously abide by national laws and regulations, and provide qualified products in strict accordance with relevant technical standards and process specifications.
② Strictly control the inspection of product performance, and deliver and install after product performance is confirmed.
③ The parts, accessories and other materials used are in line with national and related industry standards, and do not use fake and shoddy products or shoddy products.
2. Product Price Commitment
① In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the product, the material selection of the system is made of domestic high-quality products.
② Under the same competitive conditions, our company provides users with products at the most favorable price without reducing the technical performance of products and changing product components.
3. Delivery Time Commitment
① Product delivery time: generally according to the contract between the two parties. If the user has special requirements and needs to be delivered in advance, our company will do our best to satisfy the user according to the situation.
② When the product is delivered, our company provides the following documents to the user: (1)Technical maintenance manual (2)Outsourcing parts manual and manufacturer (3)Providing a list of wearing parts and spare parts, and attaching a certain amount of spare parts, etc.
4.After-Sales Service Commitment
① Service policy: Profession, Dedication, Cooperation and Mutual Win.
Profession: Service professionalism is the foundation, and the company promises to have professional skills in customer training, product maintenance, service communication, etc.;
Dedication: To be dedicated and conscientious in the service process, and to practice a work attitude with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and dedication;
Cooperation: Emphasize the spirit of collaboration in the process of serving customers, collaborate internally to improve work efficiency, and collaborate externally to establish a good image;
Mutual Win: The service goal we pursue is mutual win, that is, mutual win for customers, enterprises, employees, and external stakeholders.
② Service goal: to win customer satisfaction with first-class service.
③ Service efficiency: If there is a failure within the warranty period or outside the warranty period, after receiving the notification from the user, the maintenance personnel can arrive at the scene within 48 hours.
④ Service principle: During the product warranty period, our company will repair and replace the parts damaged and system failures caused by quality reasons for free; for the damage and system failure caused by the user's human factors, our company will provide repair and replacement parts. Only costs are charged. Outside the warranty period of the product, the repair and replacement of parts and components are only charged for the cost of damage, failure, etc.
Outside the warranty period, our company will return to visit the user no less than twice a year to investigate the use of the user's product.
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