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ZnGeP₂ Crystal

ZnGeP (ZGP) crystal is regarded as the king of mid-infrared nonlinear crystal because of its large nonlinear coefficient (deff=75pm/V), wide transparent range (0.7-12μm), high thermal conductivity (35W/mK), high light damage threshold (2-5J/cm²) and good mechanical properties.
ZGP crystal can output 3~12μm mid-infrared to far-infrared laser as well as terahertz band laser through OPO, SHG, SFG and OPG/OPA. It is the best frequency conversion material for high-power and modulated mid to far infrared laser.

Holly Technology and our institute have been focusing on the R&D of crystal growth and laser related performance optimization for many years. With continuous efforts, we have achieved a lot of technology breakthroughs and applied many independent intellectual property rights in the core equipment and key processes of large-scale high-performance ZGP polycrystalline synthesis and single crystal growth. Our technical institute is the only institute in the world that masters both horizontal and vertical growth technology of kilogram level ZGP large single crystals. Our ZGP crystals and components have good uniformity, low absorption coefficient and high light extraction efficiency, and can meet various requirements of users.

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