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Vehicle Stopping System

Non-lethal HPM vehicle stopping system adopts high-power microwave technology. It will emit strong electromagnetic pulse to disturb the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the target vehicle. The fuel injection system of the vehicle will be affected and ignition signal will disappear, thus to cause the engine to stop running. It is a non-lethal directed energy system for riot control without any personal injury to the driver or permanent damage to the vehicle. As new concept riot control system, our HPM vehicle stopping system can be widely used in military, police, law-enforcement department, counter-terrorism task and key area protection mission, etc.  
The HPM vehicle stopping system can integrate video monitoring system and support global positioning system (GPS or Beidou). Its hardware adopts multi-interface design including optical fiber interface, network cable interface and HD video interface, etc. Its software adopts special operating system, which can be integrated into multiple software platform, such as license plate recognition system, public security video system and communication system, etc.
There are two types of our HPM vehicle stopping system: Fixed type and Vehicle-mounted type. The vehicle-mounted type can be installed on a Pickup truck.
1.Anti-terrorism, riot suppression and other criminal activities involving suicide car bombs.
2.Protect important strategic objectives such as military command and control center, airports, political places and economically strategic places.
3.Pursue and capture escaping vehicles and highway traffic control.
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