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Explosives Trace Detector

(The 1st Generation-Standard size)     (The 2nd Generation-Compact size)                (Packing Box)

The Dognose handheld explosive trace detector utilizes the fluorescence quenching technology, a new technology capable of material molecule identification. It is based on the working principle that different molecules change the intensity of fluorescent light emitted by the fluorescence polymer to different degrees. After the samples are collected with wiping or inhaling methods and fed to the device, whenever molecules of explosives are detected, the fluorescent light emitted by the polymer will be dimmed instantaneously, thus realizing explosive trace detection by merely verifying the intensity of fluorescent light. 
It can detect almost all the nitro compounds, including but not limited to military explosives like TNT, NG, AN, DNT, RDX, PETN, Semtex, HMX, TATP, PA, NQ, TATB, EGDN, Black powder, Comp B, C4, TETRYL, etc. Contact us for specific data sheet.
1.Counter terrorism task and special operation
2.Public security and border defense
3.Security checks of airports, high speed railway stations, metro system and public transportation hubs
4.Security checks of large-scale events, commercial building, cultural and sports events
5.Express services and logistics safety
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